Monday, June 27, 2011

Filter Porn Sites

Parents need to block porn sites from the family computers. It is quite shocking how easily one can access pornographic materials in the internet nowadays. Fortunately, it is relatively easy and affordable to set up controls on the family computers designed to block porn sites, and even gambling sites, and other time wasting sites.

Apparently due to the high demand for pornographic materials on the net, the number of porn sites available is so enormous that there is vast array of choices. If one searches the word “sex” on the web it yields over 2 billion results, while the word “porn” yields over a billion. These are mostly websites, videos, movies, photos, blogs, clips, directories etc. Probably, many are wondering if the international community has become lenient on the issue or that may be many have grown insensitive to it or that others are still unaware of the existence of these obscene websites.

The primary reason why the authorities have a weak control over the matter is because of the international scope of the internet and the question of jurisdiction of each government’s applicable set of laws on the matter. In some countries, pornography is legal if those involved are all of legal age. At present there is still lack of an all-encompassing set of laws applicable to internet pornography. Cross border arrests of offenders usually occur for highly condemnable and atrocious offenses such as involving molestation of minors and rape, while local arrests depends on each country’s applicable laws.

In view of this, the responsibility shifts to the parents who desire to protect themselves and their family from the destructive effects of pornography. There are many software programs designed to block porn sites. Even some software intended to block porn sites are downloadable for free, while many proven and tested software designed to block porn sites are available for sale online at very reasonable costs.

In highly conservative countries that strictly regulate pornography, their authorities enforce the use of different methods to filter or block porn sites from their internet providers. But there are still ways to go around by the rules because the materials can be accessed from somewhere else if the user is knowledgeable and determined.

It is a fact that pornography is very appealing especially to curious adolescents, and even adults. Even if strictly prohibited in homes, the kids usually manage to find ways. Since the materials are highly accessible, the task of enforcing parental controls becomes a very serious challenge. In many instances parents block porn sites from the home computers, but the children know how to unblock those blocked sites that they want.

For the control to work effectively, parents should choose a good method and set a strong password in implementing the control to block porn sites from the home computer. Follow this link for information on several ways to block porn sites, illegal activities, time-wasting websites and other undesirable deviations that can have damaging effects to the growing kids, young students, and even adults. Even the use of social media networks in children should be regulated and balanced since the students are supposed to concentrate on their lessons. Hanging around in these sites can be time consuming, leaving the students with little time on their assignments and studies.

However, to block porn sites is just a small part of the responsibility of the parents in guiding the children. Most importantly, they should fill the children with love, support, proper guidance, encouragement and companionship. Spending quality time with them on games, outdoor activities, or helping them on their assignments, or just play with them from time to time is one of the best ways to personally know the children, and to learn about their problems and concerns.

Block Porn Websites

Software programs designed to block porn sites, as well as, other sites depending on the requirements of the administrators are available online. The need for these programs cannot be underestimated, especially with the influx of so many porn sites in the internet.

Some individuals think that pornography can be a source of entertainment. As a matter of fact some individuals think that they need it. Proofs are the billions of sites on the internet providing various pornographic media. However, its serious effects on the children and even on the adults who usually view them cannot be taken lightly. Many studies believe that pornography can be addictive, promote perversion, lead to violence, distort relations, among others. In highly conservative countries, their authorities strictly implement laws to block porn sites from their internet providers so that their citizens cannot access these forbidden sites.

Viewing pornographic materials is generally a taboo in many public areas, but one who wants to view the materials anyway can always find a convenient place. The frequent viewing of such materials by children, and even adults, can potentially alter their sexual attitudes and behavior. Parents do not want their children to grow up with a distorted view about such things, so they need to give the children adequate parental guidance and monitoring on a regular basis.

In many occasions the children are left alone on their own while the parents are on their jobs. And oftentimes, parents do not have enough time for a family bonding with the children. This usually leads the children to think that their parents allow them to manage their own activities. While this encourages them to be self reliant, independent and responsible, its downside is the risk that discipline is compromised. Since they are young, they still have the tendencies to give in to certain temptations, in violation of their parents’ wills.

Visionaries have anticipated this scenario and have led software developers to developed programs that are designed to block porn sites and other unsuitable sites for the children.

The internet is an indispensable learning tool for the children and students at home. They can find almost all the information they need without so much bother on the parents. But there are many sites that are not suitable, especially for children. Parents have the responsibility to ensure that the children get only the right stuff, no pornographic materials, desktop games, and other useless sites. Parents, therefore, have to block porn sites, as well as, other unsuitable sites from their children’s computers.

There are software programs intended to filter and block porn sites, desktop games and other undesirable materials, preset the children’s time on the computers, restrict social networking and inappropriate chatting and file sharing.

Free software programs intended to block porn sites can be downloaded, but the reliability of these tools to block porn sites and the like has yet to be tested. For a great peace of mind in terms of reliability, there are already tested effective software programs to block porn sites and the like that one can purchase anytime online. It may take a few bucks, but the benefits that it guarantees for the protection of the children makes the investment of great value.

Online purchase makes the products accessible. Downloading and installing the software on the computer is also easy. The administrator logs on, sets a password, and begins to block porn sites and other time wasters by making adjustments to each computer user’s option. Websites for viewing are selected, the number of hours online, and so on.

The websites that should be restricted, such as porn sites, should be set up as well. Even when the administrator is away, the software can be set where it can trigger an email, phone, or text to notify the administrator when the children are attempting to access restricted sites.

Rapid development of new technology constantly creates new challenges in the parents’ duty of providing proper guidance to the children. These software that filter and block porn sites and other undesirable sites have greatly aided the parents in monitoring and controlling the children’s computer activities.